Severe Acute Malnutrition affects more than 20 million children worldwide and kills 3 million each year.

Even though SAM is a massive problem, the solution is simple.

A product called RUTF, Ready to Use Therapeutic Food, is being made right now in Georgia by StopSAM partners MANA Nutrition. These revolutionary packets are made from a simple blend of peanut butter, milk and essential nutrients, a yummy combination kids love.

And it works. Over 90% of the children that go on a treatment of RUTF recover and never go back on it. The results are simply amazing.

Our mission at StopSAM is to tell the story of these kids and raise money to send life saving packets of RUTF around the world. Our vision is big and we believe we can save a million children in the next five years. But we need your help.

Just $50 saves a life and provides a 6 week treatment. 


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